As disease challenges evolve, PCV2 vaccine manufacturers modified formulations to stay current with licensing guidelines. Pharmgate conducted three large scale trials over the past 12 months to demonstrate equivalent or superior performance results to the three leading PCV2 vaccines. No other manufacturer has conducted this level of research.


Vaccination shouldn’t be hard on pigs. Pharmgate uses an industry-leading filtration process to remove serum proteins to mitigate potential reaction issues. Plus, no mixing means less handling and less potential for mistakes.


Circo/MycoGard® is competitively priced and a great value, especially with the spring 2020 rebate offer for new users.

When is the rebate available?

The Circo/MycoGard® vaccine rebate program runs from April 1, 2020, to June 15, 2020.

Am I eligible?

U.S. pork producers who are invoiced for product purchases and not currently using Circo/MycoGard® are eligible for this rebate.

What do I get?

Eligible pork producers* will receive a rebate on qualifying Circo/MycoGard® vaccine purchases during the rebate program period from April 1, 2020, to June 15, 2020. Rebates must be submitted within 60 days of their invoice*.

Eligible participants will receive a $75 rebate in the form of a Visa gift card for every 500 doses purchased. A minimum of 500 doses must be purchased to qualify with a maximum of 20,000 doses available per producer. Rebates will be paid in 500 dose increments (500, 1,000, 1,500, etc.) with a maximum of 20,000 doses available per producer.

How do I receive my rebate?

Complete the form on this page and show proof of vaccine purchase. You may use print or electronic reports of your purchases from your invoicing supplier. Upload the electronic versions with your form. Or, print this page, attach print copies of invoices or reported purchases and mail to the address below.

CMG Spring Rebate Offer
Pharmgate Animal Health
1800 Sir Tyler Drive
Wilmington, NC 28405

*Pharmgate reserves the right to audit all submissions.

Circo/MycoGard®Spring 2020 Rebate Program

Submit $.15/pig rebate today

Circo/MycoGard® is an easy-to-administer and financially competitive vaccine with demonstrated protection for evolving PCV2 and M. hyo disease challenges in growing pigs.

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