The industry’s first and only chimeric,
modified-live PRRS vaccine

Modified-live vaccines (MLV) remain a leading tool in reducing the incidence and severity of clinical PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) infections. PRRSGard® is an innovative new approach to MLV PRRS vaccine construction. This unique vaccine is effective against lung lesions from pneumonia associated with the PRRS virus in growing pigs.

What makes PRRSGard® different?

A chimera is a mythological creature with the aspects of three animals. Similarly, PRRSGard® is constructed from multiple virus strains.

PRRSGard® is the first and only chimeric MLV PRRS vaccine on the market. It has three parts:

    1. An attenuated virus: The portion of the virus responsible for replication is selected from a proprietary, highly attenuated strain. Attenuated viruses are weaker, less vigorous and often used to make vaccines. They can stimulate an immune response, but they cannot cause illness.
    2. A field strain: The structural proteins, or portion of the virus the pig’s immune system will target, is from a virulent field strain, MN 1-8-4 ORF3-7. It was selected for its ability to stimulate cross-protection against other strains of PRRS.
    3. A strategic link: A non-encoding nucleotide sequence was inserted to link the attenuated PRRS virus and the field strain. It serves as a target for future assay development and as a potential tool in evaluating the evolution of the virus.

Trial data shows PRRSGard® is different

Results from initial regulatory and field trials indicate PRRSGard® is safe and efficacious.

PRRSGard® is safe.

  • No post-vaccination reduction in appetite
  • No post-vaccination lethargy
  • Low viral shedding
  • Low reaction rates

PRRSGard® has demonstrated cross protection for other strains of PRRS.

  • Reduced lung lesions
  • No performance loss
  • No return to viremia
  • Reduced fever

Take the Next Step in PRRS Protection

The pork industry has worked hard to develop new tools in the long fight against the PRRS virus. Multiple avenues and approaches are being explored – from management practices to ventilation to prevention and treatment protocols. Among these solutions, PRRSGard® is a new tool in your PRRS virus protection toolbox.

Ask your veterinarian about PRRSGard® or contact your local sales representative.

Available in the USA

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