PRRSGard® is the industry’s first and only chimeric, modified-live PRRS vaccine

Modified-live vaccines (MLV) are a leading tool in reducing the incidence and severity of clinical PRRSV (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) infections. PRRSGard® is a modified-live PRRS vaccine with an innovative, chimeric construction to protect pigs from the PRRS virus. It is research-proven to be effective against lung lesions from pneumonia associated with the PRRS virus in growing pigs.

PRRSGard® is the next step in PRRS virus protection

PRRSGard® begins with a segment of an attenuated, lineage 1 PRRSV strain as the vaccine backbone. It is combined with a segment of MN 1-8-4, a virulent, contemporary lineage 1 PRRSV field isolate. Trials indicate this innovative design is safe, and the stimulated immunity provides protection from PRRSV-related diseases, allowing optimal performance and maximizing profitability.

PRRSGard® also includes a genetic insert in a non-encoding region. This insert can be used to differentiate a field strain from “wild-type” vaccine strains.

Investing for the future

We believe the development of innovative vaccines is an investment in the health of the swine industry. See the research for yourself.

PRRSGard® is safe
and efficacious.

PRRSGard® has low viral shed and
spread to naïve pigs.

Take the next step in
PRRS virus protection.

PRRSGard® is efficacious in reducing performance
loss and macroscopic lung lesions following a PRRSV 1-7-4 challenge.

PRRSGard® is efficacious in a heterologous trial as measured
by reduction in viremia, number of viremic pigs, lung lesions and average daily weight gain.

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Available in the USA

The labeling contains complete use information, including any cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labeling and use directions. See the reverse side for use directions and additional information.

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