Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory
Syndrome Vaccine, Respiratory Form

Modified Live Virus

  • Unique combination of attenuated, nonvirulent strain and virulent field strain of the PRRS virus
  • One-dose use for vaccination of pigs 3 weeks old or older against the respiratory form of PRRS
  • Modified live virus
  • Each vial contains 100 or 250 doses (1mL/dose)
  • Unique chimeric structure combines a contemporary, attenuated Lineage 1 nonvirulent strain with a virulent field strain, MN 1-8-4 ORF3-7
  • Contains a unique genetic marker
  • Efficacious against PRRS and lung lesions from PRRS-associated pneumonia
  • Use in healthy piglets 3 weeks of age or older against PRRS.
  • 1 mL of PRRSGard® per injection per pig
  • Rehydrate desiccated vaccine with the accompanying liquid diluent. Mix well and use immediately using aseptic technique. Inject intramuscularly.
  • Do not mix with other products.
  • Not for use in pregnant females or boars
  • ­100-dose vial packed with 100 mL diluent
  • ­250-dose vial packed with 250 mL diluent
  • Contemporary strain of a Lineage 1 attenuated, nonvirulent strain combined with virulent MN 1-8-4 ORF3-7 field strain
  • Contains penicillin-G and streptomycin as preservatives

Store at 2 to 8°C (35°F to 45°F). Do not freeze. Shake well before use. Use entire contents upon opening.

Available in the USA

The labeling contains complete use information, including any cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labeling and use directions. See the reverse side for use directions and additional information.

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