September 5, 2018

Experimental safety and efficacy of a new 1-mL single-dose PCV2/M. hyopneumoniae vaccine (Circo/MycoGard ®)

M. Baarsch1, B. Conarchy1, M. Sheeder2, R. Saltzman3 1Research and Development, Pharmgate Animal Health, Wilmington, NC; 2Struve Labs, Manning, IA; 3Veterinary Resources Inc, Ames, IA   […]
September 5, 2018

Comparative study of the efficacy of Aivlosin® WSG versus Pulmotil® AC and Draxxin® 25 in the control of Swine Respiratory Disease (SRD)

Lechtenberg, K.F.1, Lopez, A2, Berge, A.C.3, Mora, J.2, Hintz, A. 4 1 Midwest Veterinary Services, Nebraska, U.S.; 2 ECO Animal Health, Ltd., London, United Kingdom; 3 […]
August 28, 2018

PCV2 VLP Vaccines Manufactured using Baculovirus Expression Systems

By Dr. Jeffrey W. Hall, Pharmgate Research Scientist   The family of viruses known as “baculovirus” infects invertebrates, with moth larvae serving as the most common […]
July 23, 2018

Aivlosin® – Your First Choice for SRD and Ileitis Control

By Alexander Hintz, DVM   Tylvalosin is a newer -generation macrolide antibiotic present in both Aivlosin® 62.5% Water Soluble Granules (WSG) and Aivlosin 17% Type A […]

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